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Earn money from every sale of our services that you successfully refer, whether to friends, friends, family, or anyone you recommend to buy an Afiahost Hosting plan.

The affiliate Program is being deactivated, Untill october 2019.

How Does The Affiliate Marketing Program Work? You are entitled to a 10% commission for every registrant who has an active status with us, ordered through your referral link.
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Get a 10% commission if any visitors make a purchase of a web hosting service via your Affiliate Link.

Affiliate Program Offline since 2019-07-08 02:44:11 UTC

1.You get 10% commission only if the registrant has an active status with us for at least 30 days,referenced through your referral link.

2.We track registrants on your referral link through cookies that are stored up to 90 days from the initial visit of the registrant, so the timeframe for registrants to make a purchase is long enough for each link.

3.Affiliate earn money can be used to purchase services at Afiahost.com, according to the affiliate commission you have.

4.Affiliate links do not apply to your won accounts.

5. Affiliate does not apply to domain registration only, if the referenced person does not purchase a hosting plan along.